Yesterday, Our CEO, Yvonne Lawson joined over 400 women for the prestigious Women of the Year Lunch as a ‘2017 Woman of Achievement’. The Duchess of Cornwall, Christine Lampard, Sandy Torsvig and a host of other celebrities and VIPS attended the event to celebrate the achievements of these inspirational women.

Yvonne was recognised for her work here at the Godwin Lawson Foundation (GLF);  which she is founder and CEO. Yvonne set up the GLF in 2012 in memory of, and inspired by Godwin’s life, after he was stabbed to death trying to stop some friends being attacked by four other young men. He was just 17. GLF aims to advance the education of young people at risk from gang involvement/exploitation, and deprivation, enabling them to develop their capabilities and reach their full potential as members of a tolerant society. Godwin’s story is used illustrate the terrible and far reaching consequences carrying knives can have; and educate young people on how to keep themselves safe, seek out and capitalise on appropriate opportunities; and empower them make a positive contribution to their communities. Working closely with young people themselves, schools, local police, London Ambulance Service and youth and community organisations, we provide and develop targeted, need driven services that enable young people to find alternative pathways to gangs and knife crime.

Yvonne comments, “I had a wonderful day and met so many inspirational women that are changing their communities, their workplaces and other peoples lives. It was a great honour to be recognised this year and inspires me further to help others to make positive changes in their lives.“


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