Yvonne appeared on Woman’s Hour this morning to talk about how parents can talk about knife crime to their children. Yvonne joined presenter Jenny Murray and a fellow bereaved mother to talk about their direct experiences and what parents should say to their children

Yvonne says;

“This was a very interesting discussion and one issue more and more parents and carers are talking about in the current climate with the rise of knife crime. Before Godwin died it wasn’t something I really bought up with him but now with my other children we do discuss it openly about how to safeguard themselves.”

“Also, parents need to understand the warning signs and talk to children about carrying weapons.” She continues.

“Warning signs can include if a child has become withdrawn from the family and/or school?, If their school or college are reporting worrying changes in behaviour, academic achievement or attendance. Do they stay out unusually late without giving a reason and are vague about their whereabouts? Has their attitude changed about carrying knives/weapons? For example, justifying it by saying people carry them for self-defence. Has a parent found a weapon hidden amongst their possessions? If this is you seek help immediately.

“Children need to understand the consequences of carrying knives for themselves, their families and how it affects them in the eyes of the law.”

Listen again here – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002zc3


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