Below is the feedback received following GLF’s presentation to new recruits in February

“It taught me about the values of showing our human side and give as much empathy as possible.”

“It was absolutely heart wrenching listening to Mrs Lawson’s story. Please thank her for giving up her time to share with us.”

“The impact the incident had on the family and the strength that was shown to talk about such a traumatic event.”

“The story was really touching and helped give a view of how I can change my approach by being empathetic.”

“Realising how significant the impact was and the impact of the family liasing officer had on her and how she still remembers everything about him after 12 years. With all that pain she still remembers his name and what he did for her.”

“Hearing how the police factored into her loss, and how we could improve next time. How strong she was to recount this story to us.”

“The bereaved parents were present in person to talk to the group and provide an emotive input. She was engaging and spoke about her experiences, and spoke about her experiences with the police. She was also able to give advice on sensitivity and compassion, and to ensure officers are able to use this.”

“Understanding a real life situation which has affected a person. It was great to understand what I can also do as a Police Officer in these situations.”

“Realising that grief and the knife crime itself are two different journeys.”

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